Safer Than The Law

They LAW Kills Police Officers & Citizens over a plant nobody has died from using.

The LAW dropped a flash bang grenade into a babys crib causing seriously bodily injury.

This is called freedom?!?!?

"THEY" are free, free to kill, free to enslave, free to instill fear & terror with their LAWS
Another LIE debunked PAIN!!! is the Gateway to Drugs NOT Cannabis!!!

The LAWS Are outside the Rule of LAW
The LAWS Violate YOUR Rights to LIBERTY under those Founding Documents THEY wrote,
and THEY ignore Factual Evidence, that would stand in a Court of LAW.

It's a System of Injustice, that Kills, Enslaves and induces Fear & Terror,
but you wave THEIR Flag, and call it Freedom. Because you are afraid of them

You're not free, you live in a Dictatorship wrapped up in Lies they call LAWS.
If you were free, whos permission would you need to smoke cannabis??.... Nobody's

If Black people were free, there would be no need for them to "Keep Marching"
If Obama had wanted to give Black people any more freedoms than they already had,
he would have given them to them. Instead, he told them to "Keep Marching",
and now, they march in the street while getting run over by SUV's screaming

How does marching actually stop you from being opressed?...... iT doesn't!
i thought your troops fought for your freedoms?
So why aren't they kicking in the teeth of your opressors that have you marching? ....because they are taking down Govts

Picket signs don't stop Freedom Terrorists

Democrats & Republicans are NOT indivisible
All of you throw your anger at each other instead of your Red White & Blue Masters.
Because you are afraid of them.
You are NOT Free, You have NO Liberty. You have been Deceived.

It is destructive upon it's means...EWE The People

Their Flag is Your Stockholm-Syndrome

Your Pain & Suffering won't end until EWE end it - Revelation 18
come away from HER, for HER sins are piled high as heaven

2019 - - Marijuana, Safer than the Law